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Agricultural machinery and

If you need a reliable partner in mechanical engineering that can meet all your requirements in terms of timing, quality and order complexity, then you are on the right track.

Сільгосптехніка Україна

We are always happy to work with you!

Директор ТОВ Лізава

When creating the company, the goals and objectives of our enterprise were presented to us quite clearly, and we had many years of experience in this field behind our shoulders.
From 1994 until today, the activity of our team was directly related to the production of metal structures and agricultural equipment. We treat each task of our clients and partners with due responsibility and try to satisfy all their requests as much as possible within the limits of our competence.


We will be glad if you find exactly what you need most in the list of our offers, and we promise to do our best to meet the needs of your business.

Oleksandr Zarudny (Director of Lizava LLC)

Тележка для жатки
жниварка соняшникова

We offer




A wide selection of agricultural machinery that will help you cope with harvesting and tilling the soil using the experience of world manufacturers, the quality of which has been proven by time.

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