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Compost loosener VK-3000

designed for processing dried organic matter, manure into valuable compost (organic fertilizer), by periodically turning over bulk material.

The compost loosener grinds the material for composting, mixes it to a uniform consistency and moistens it. Along with water, it is possible to introduce bacteria for faster decomposition of the material. As a result, the farm receives its own organic fertilizer. This unit is used with the help of a tractor, in the transport position the unit is installed vertically using a hydraulic mechanism. The speed of movement during transportation is 30 km/h.


The unit is equipped with a special capacity of up to 7000 liters and an integrated spraying system. This makes it possible to spray the material with water or other liquids during turning either to moisten or to provide the necessary nutrients through the nozzles located on the top of the mixer.


This solution provides high performance, which has a super-durable design and is the embodiment of advanced technologies. Achieve the desired result with the help of the most cost-effective and reliable analogue of the well-known Aeromaster PT-120, PT-130, PT-170.


  • high productivity;

  • better performance at lower operating costs;

  • the maximum number of operations for any task;

  • the maximum reliability and quality design of the drum and the CO2 replacement mechanism for O2;

  • easy access for current repairs and maintenance.

Test results of compost mixer VK-3000 during accelerated biothermal manure composting.


Test report of the mixer

  • The recommended power of the tractor is 120-140 hp.

  • The composting speed is 0.3 - 0.4 km/h

  • Productivity - 900 cubic meters. / Hours

  • GDP of the tractor - Z6 1 ⅜ ", 540 rpm

  • The width of the treated edge is 3 m

  • The height of the processed edge is 1.5 - 1.8 m


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