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Sunflower harvesters

 "ZhS 8-70"width 5.6m,"Zhs 10-70"width 7m,"ZhS 12-70"width 8.4m,"ZhS 16-70"width 11.2 m, similar to the known oneClaas Sunspeed.

There are 8, 10, 12, and 16 rows in stock and on order, respectively

Aggregates with all brands and models of Claas, JohnDeere, Case, New Holland combines on request. It has maximum performance at high speeds, while maintaining minimal losses from 0.8 to 1.2% max. The harvester copes well with the clogged culture (you can see in the video at the bottom of the page).


The harvester has protection against stalks hitting the machine. The principle of operation is built as technologically as possible: adjustable guides press the sunflower baskets down, at this time the toothed roller under the knife bar pulls the stalks down, making a catch with a reel and directing them to the auger, only after that the cut takes place.


Compliance document


  • Working width -5.6m, 7m, 8.4m, 11.2m

  • Number of rows - 8,10,12,16

  • Row spacing - 70 cm

  • Speed of movement - 9 km / h (recommended), speed up to 15 km / h is possible if the floor is not contaminated

  • The width of the divider is 325mm

  • Cutting knife speed, max. - 1120 ser / min

  • Hydraulic drive of the reel, hydraulic drive of the lifting of the reel, spiral reel with fingers.

  • Extension shaft under the scythe

  • Scythe drive reducer - Claas (one)

  • The length of the lifters is 1.7 m

  • Lifter trays - adjustable

  • Weight - 2550 kg

Photo and video in the works

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