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Lizava LLC

Our production

has been working since 1994

Ukrainian company for the production of agricultural equipment, agricultural machinery, products, assemblies and parts of various complexity.

At this stage, our company has come of age, as its history began back in 1994.


Over the years, we managed to go through the process of formation and development from the smallest and achieve many results. At the moment, the production area of our enterprise is 7.5 thousand square meters.

Жниварки жатки купити

Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists. All employees have a mandatory secondary special education. Each senior engineer has a higher education and extensive work experience in his specialty. Our main priority has always been people and our real and potential customers. We always put our duty to you before our own benefit. We try to choose an individual approach to each customer and offer the most convenient conditions of cooperation


On behalf of Lizava LLC, thank you for your interest in our company.

Additional Services


processing of parts of various complexity, sharpening, finishing operations, polishing, grinding


Production of metal structures of various levels of complexity according to the customer's specifications and sample


Semi-automatic welding in shielding gases, manual arc welding, electrode welding, argon welding.


painting of products, electroplating, heat treatment, bending of products


Design training and creation of new functional products

Production technologies


Laser cutting of metal

Laser cutting for the manufacture of workpieces of complex shape without the cost of additional processing of the contour with positioning up to +/- 0.1 mm, which allows you to completely remove restrictions on the geometry of the manufactured part


Bending of sheet metal

A modern multifunctional press for bending metal, which is famous for precision in sheet steel processing, productivity and high quality of manufactured products.


Gas cutting machine

Gas cutting machines for straight cutting. Cutting sheet steel with a thickness of 5 to 100 mm: flanges, shaped parts of various shapes, kerchiefs.


2021 year- Support of the national producer: the list of Ukrainian agricultural machinery for state support has been expanded to 320 new units, details tTuesday

2020 is the year- Compost loosener test results VK-3000 during accelerated biothermal manure composting, details here

2019 year- First place in the regional register of reliable and investment-attractive enterprises of Ukraine, details here

2019 year- Sixth place in the register of the best suppliers of goods and services, details here

2018 year- Fourth place in the regional register of reliable and investment-attractive enterprises of Ukraine, details here

2018 year- Twenty-sixth place in the national register of reliable and investment-attractive enterprises of Ukraine, details here


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