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Cart for transportation of harvester "VU 6-10"

for harvesting sunflowers, directly by the combine itself, equipped with a towing device and an additional hydraulic drive for lifting the harvester into the transport position with the front axle copying the road surface.

  • Cart  "VU 6-10" for transportation of grain and corn harvesters

the cart has an eight-meter central beam (size 200 * 200 mm) on which there are four brackets for fixing and moving the harvester to the transport position, raising and lowering the harvester on the cart is carried out by a manual hydraulic pump with the help of two hydraulic cylinders, which is very convenient.

The cart has two axles, the front one is floating, which ensures permanent grafting of four wheels with road surface, imported tires 10/75 * 15.3 with a tire load of 7.2 tons. This cart is designed specifically for sunflower harvesters with long lifters, on which the harvester will not exceed the dimensions of the cart during transportation. Equipped with lighting devices for driving on general purpose roads. The load on the cart is up to 6 tons.

  • Cart "PS-900" for transportation of grain and corn harvesters

trolley with manual adjustment of the angle of inclination of the lodge, manual movement of the beam and supports. Equipped with two axles, imported tires 10/75 * 15.3. with a tire load of 7.2 tons. Lighting devices for traffic on general purpose roads. Cart load - up to 4 tons.


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