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Soil tillage complex aka disk cultivator "POK-3.66"

is produced according to a similar technology of the well-known SALFORD RTS.

Cultivator "POK-3.66"

Designed exclusively for work with harvest residues. When using a cultivator, the decomposition of harvest residues occurs on the surface and in the upper layer of the soil with free access of oxygen, which significantly accelerates the process of rotting.


The basis of the tool is disc knives mounted on an individual spring rack, specially designed for high speeds, heavy loads and long operating time with minimal maintenance costs.

The tool can work at a speed of up to 18 km/h, even with an average speed of movement on the field of 15 km/h, the cultivator is able to process up to 5 ha/h. The processing depth is from 2 to 10 cm, depending on the working conditions.


The disks are located in 6 rows with a spacing of 178 mm. Disc diameter 508 or 432 mm; thickness 4.5 mm; 8 or 13 waves. Drawbar with self-leveling system and automatic transport lock. One point to set the depth of all discs. The section of the main beam of the frame is 101x152 mm.

The main examples of the use of the Salford RTS disc cultivator:

  • Treatment of any density of plant residues, even in conditions of severe waterlogging;

  • Pre-sowing treatment for the purpose of closing moisture, leveling, accelerating heating or drying of the surface, including during direct sowing using No-Till technology;

  • Grinding and distribution of harvest residues before the main deep processing;

  • Laying of harvest residues in the upper layer of the soil to a depth of 4-6 cm in order to actively accumulate humus. RTS significantly accelerates the mineralization process. Fresh remains of grain crops are a valuable material for the largest group of microbes - saprophytic organisms that take nitrogen directly from the air. Plowing plant residues by more than 14 cm causes a fermentation process with the formation of poisonous substances harmful to the future harvest;

  • Rapid laying of organic or mineral fertilizers, processing of siderates;

  • High-speed continuous sowing with small planting of seeds. RTS can be used as a pneumatic seeder, for this it is necessary to equip the tool with a pneumatic sowing system.


  • The width of capture - from 3.66 m

  • They are aggregated - 1.4-3 tons

  • Number of turbo disks - 21 pcs

  • The required power of the tractor is 70-120 hp.

  • Operating speed - 12-25 km/h

  • Weight without skates - 2313 kg

Photo and video in the works

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