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Rapose layerer (unit for laying rapeseed, canola)

For the first time on the Ukrainian market! Special new rapeseed harvesting technology!


It is known that Ripak is an agricultural crop, one of the most demanding to the soil and its predecessors, it is a cheap raw material for the production of vegetable oil and high-quality fodder for livestock.


A new, more efficient technology for harvesting this culture has been developed, which will allow to optimize the process and reduce time and costs.


With the help of a rapeseeder, you can carry out field processing by "pushing" at a time convenient for you between the end of flowering and a change in color by 5% (that is, between 10 days and 2 weeks). When the canola stacker "pushes" the canola, the stems are not broken, but bent, the plants intertwine, which prevents loss of pods and shedding, allowing you to cut the canola straight, resulting in higher yields and creating a "carpet" of air-cushioned plants down. The plant remains alive before harvesting with a combine harvester, which allows the upper pods to ripen completely without remaining green grains, which increases the quality. The plants are at the root and in strong winds the rapeseed does not suffer significant damage. With widths from 7m to 13m, our canola stacker is designed to match the width of the combine harvester, the unit is easy to move on the harvester carriage and can also be mounted on the harvester with mounting brackets and some modifications to the hydraulic system. A well-thought-out system of hydraulic separators creates a passage up to 1.5 m wide for the tractor wheels during "pushing", preventing crop losses under the wheels, and allowing to develop speeds of up to 10 - 16 km per hour under normal operating conditions. The side dividers leave behind the cleared tracks, thus preventing the spillage of grains during the operation of the combine harvester, they include wheel copiers to maintain the device at the required height. All dividers are interconnected by hydraulic hoses to maintain the required height level. There is also an auxiliary weight balancing device between the wheel copiers of the device and the tractor when cornering. It improves handling and prevents wheel spin on corners or irregularly shaped fields.


We also offer the opportunity to manufacture such a unit for laying rape according to your individual requirements and dimensions.

If you are interested, write or call us and we will discuss the details, terms and conditions of the offer.

Photo and video in the works

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